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Since 1958, Mayes-Martin Ltd has set out to be Simcoe County and surrounding areas premier fuel and lubricant supplier. Family owned since day one, we pride ourselves on delivering the best products and customer service.

Customers quickly realize what makes us different. Good old-fashioned service paired with modern products and services. As we continue to adapt and grow, we never forget what made us successful in the first place, the customer.

Pillars to Succes 


Mayes-Martin has seen three generations of owners, with each one bringing unique ideas and skills to the table. Since our inception all owners have worked alongside a senior owner prior to taking over the role, this has ensured a smooth transition and a thorough understanding of the business. 2. 


We treat our customers with the same respect we treat our team. This has been the case since Mayes-Martin’s inception and carries through till today. Despite our growth, we have maintained our family-run values and work to uphold our reputation as a leader in the fuel and lubricant business here in the greater Simcoe County area. 


Our size, while larger than it has ever been, allows us to pivot and adjust when needed. Just as society at large is constantly changing, so are we. As demand for certain products or services changes, we have always been able to adapt and work to serve the customers’ needs better. As time goes on, this will not change.

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