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Why Cardlock?


Understand fuel usage by driver or vehicle. Set limits, monitor mileage, and control expenses with ease.


Itemized bi-weekly invoices with 30 days OAC payment and no need to provide drivers with credit cards.


Wholesale rates, two-week averaged pricing, and ZERO fees means more savings for your business.

Our Fuels

Regular 87 Octane

The most common and affordable option. Our top tier gasoline will keep your engine running smoothly.

Premium 91 Octane

Designed for higher performance engines. This fuel allows for greater performance and longevity.

Clear Diesel

Ultra low sulphur diesel for clean burning and maximum efficiency.

Dye Diesel

Designed for equipment and off-road machinery.

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF)

Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) is designed to reduce the amount of particulate and pollution caused from diesel engines.

Why Choose Mayes-Martin?
No Fees

No transportation, or hazardous handling fees. No additional fees for after hours, special deliveries, or statutory holidays for customers signed up with automatic delivery.

Quality Service

We understand the importance of quality customer service. No call queues and no jumping through hoops to contact us, we are always ready to help.

Family Run

Mayes-Martin has been proudly family run for three generations. We know the fuel business like the back of our hand.

Tank Rentals

Not ready to commit to a tank purchase? We offer a variety of tank sizes for rent.

Furnace Installation

Our partners bring you professional and affordable propane furnace installations.

Free Site Visits

Wondering where you could put a tank? Or need an inspection? We offer free site visits.

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