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Shell Morlina S4 B 150

- Long oil life - maintenance saving
The use of highly stable synthetic base oils in conjunction with
a robust rust and oxidation inhibitor package helps provide
excellent oxidation and thermal stability. This provides Shell
Morlina S4 B with extending maintenance capability
compared to conventional oils.
In addition it resists the formation of harmful products of
oxidation at high operating temperatures, to help maintain
system cleanliness and therefore reliability of the equipment.

- Excellent wear and corrosion protection
Shell Morlina S4 B has been formulated to provide excellent
anti-wear performance and provides high levels of wear
protection for plain and rolling element bearings and
moderately loaded gearboxes, compared to mineral oil-based
products. This helps provide superior gear and bearing
component life.
In addition it also provides outstanding rust and corrosion
protection of all metal surfaces.

- Enhancing system efficiency
Shell Morlina S4 B can help improve the efficiency of
lubrication in bearing and circulating systems. The superior
low temperature performance and reduced change in viscosity
with increase in temperature in comparison to mineral oil-
based products provides better lubrication at low start-up
temperatures and the opportunity for energy savings through
reduced pumping and flow losses during normal operating
Rapid water shedding and air release properties further
enhance the efficiency of the lubrication system by helping
maintain critical oil films between loaded components.

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