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Shell Morlina S2 BL 10, 22

Long oil life – Maintenance saving
Shell Morlina S2 BL oils are formulated with a well proven rust
and oxidation inhibitor package that provides high resistance
to oxidation, caused by heat in the presence of air, water and
metal catalysts, such as copper, and helps to prolong oil life
and lower maintenance costs.

- Reliable wear & corrosion protection
The special additives provide efficient anti-wear performance
without reacting to the softer metals in bearings and enhance
machine reliability.
In addition the additive package enhances the oil’s natural
corrosion protective properties and helps to prolong bearing

- Maintaining system efficiency
The low viscosity components of these oils have been chosen to
help promote the smooth running of high speed machine
elements and minimize heat build up through frictional energy

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