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Dsyl Premium Diesel Fuel Additive

The Dsyl Premium Diesel Fuel Additive from BioCleans is a tune-up in a bottle! It 'cleans up' injectors and the complete fuel system, while increasing fuel economy by more than 2% and substantially improving power.

Dsyl provides preventative maintenance for all diesel fuel systems and storage tanks to not only protect your investment but also maintain improved equipment reliability. There is an associated reduction in emissions for reduced effect on environment & carbon footprint, and the optimal lubricity levels protect from premature wear of fuel systems components.

This product is great for the winter season as the unsurpassed anti-gel allows for more consistent winter startup and reliability, and it does not need heated storage for effective handling in winter conditions.

For more information on the Dsyl Premium Diesel Fuel Additive from BioCleans, or to purchase, please contact Mayes-Martin Ltd. in Barrie, Ontario.

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