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Rotella ELC Concentrate

Without coolant, your engine would overheat and fail extremely fast. Coolant mixes with water in your radiator to keep it from boiling or freezing and to help move heat around to keep your engine running.
Shell Rotella Coolant/Antifreeze is designed to provide you superior protection from overheating and subsequent mechanical failures.

Performance, Features & Benefits
- Minimum Coolant Life of 1,000,000 km With Only one Shell
Rotella ELC Extender Addition at 500,000 km
- No Regular Supplemental Coolant Additives (SCA's) Required
- Improved Water Pump Seal Life due to low dissolved Solid
- Excellent Pitting Protection for wet sleeve Cylinder Liners
- Excellent, Long-Term Corrosion protection of all Cooling
System Metals Including Aluminum, Brass, Cast Iron, Steel,
Solder and Copper
- Excellent Heat Transfer
- Reduced Hard Water scale
- Reduced Overall Coolant and Cooling Component
- No silicate dropout or gel Formation During use or Storage
- Compatible With Conventional Coolants. Dilution/Mixing
With nonequivalent Coolants Will Reduce or eliminate
Extended Life Properties. Do not dilute This Product by More
Than 15% With Conventional Coolants or Water.
- Can be Used for top-up of Cooling Systems Containing
Conventional Coolants. When Shell Rotella ELC is Used as top-
up for Conventional Coolants, SCA's Must Still be Added.

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