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2-Cycle Engine Oil TC-W3

Peak 2-Cycle Engine Oil TC-W3 delivers improved engine performance and dramatically reduced engine wear.

This engine oil is designed for use in outboard motors, motorcycles, snowmobiles, jet skis, chainsaws, and other fuel-lubricated or fuel-injected, pre-mixed or oil-injected, 2-cycle gasoline engines requiring Jaso FB or TC-3 specifications.

Peak 2-Cycle Engine Oil is a certified TC-W3 Lubricant by the National Marine Manufacturers Association that effectively reduces engine heat, wear and emissions. It also helps:

- Prevent ring stick and piston scuffing
- Keep spark plugs and exhaust ports clean
- Resist spark-plug fouling
- Deliver excellent low-temperature performance

This engine oil is also formulated to mix quickly with leaded or unleaded gasoline and pumps easily in low-temperature environments. Be sure to follow your engine's manufacturer's recommendations to determine the correct oil/fuel ratio.

For more information on Peak 2-Cycle Engine Oil TC-W3, or to purchase, please contact Mayes-Martin Ltd. in Barrie, Ontario.

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